Winter Abounds

In case you haven’t noticed already, winter is in full swing up here in the Northern Hemisphere, and designers are popping out sweater after scarf after reindeer. With Christmas only a little over a week away, its high time to use up all you can before the day passes, and well, our Santa hats become useless til next year! Today is also the last day of the Winter Fair, which has both holiday and winter items alike, such as this cute reindeer pose prop from Nani Poses! It has 5 different options, and it looks great to leave out even when not using it for pictures. You can also grab this new scarf from Auxiliary at the Dressing Room’s new location, combining both rooms into Fusion.

Skin: League – Isla (Suntan Natural – Cleavage C)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Shimmer Eyes (Blue)
Hair: – Winter Jennifer (Delighted Blond)
Top: Tulip – Baggy Sweatshirt (Army) (The Arcade)
Pants: Entente – Deep Pocket Relaxed Jean (Symphony)
Shoes: Reek – Autumn Boots (Red)
Scarf: Auxiliary – Winter Scarf (Red) (Holiday pack available @ The Dressing Room Fusion)
Makeup: Filthy – Lashes 1
Pose: Nani Poses – Rudy the Reindeer (Winter Fair – closes today!)

52 Weeks of Color – Pistachio

Again with the FaMESHed and CHICĀ²! Two posts in a row, but you know, when the goods are there… like Aura’s new mesh Bunneh hoodie that comes in a plethora of colors (I picked Grass since it’s close to this week’s challenge color!) and the inner lining is such a brilliant touch. Like the hoodie, the table set from {what next} requires a mesh enabled viewer to see properly, & you’ll be grateful for it! Each seat has multiple sits for men and women (cushion optional), some include rezzable props, and it comes in three different colors (yellow, iron, & black).

Sidenote: I totally spaced on last week’s color while I was at A-Kon last weekend, sooo.. doing it out of order this time! Oops. Cobalt to come!

52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Week 23: Pistachio (more info)
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Skin: League – Jen (Suntan Natural – Cleavage D)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Shimmer Eyes (Blue)
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Amandine (Rye) -mesh-
Top: Aura – Bunneh Hoodie (Grass) -mesh-
Pants: Maitreya – Mesh Flare Jeans (#4) -mesh-
Shoes: Reek – Patteson Flip Flops (Orange)
Feet: SLink – Womens Natural Barefeet (Rigged) -mesh-
Table Set: What Next – Hampton Garden Set (Yellow)

52 Weeks of Color – Bright Turquoise

Bit late this week (by a day) with my color post, but turns out, event blogging keeps ya busy! Who knew, right? I get it now, all you normal event bloggers – takes some time, doesn’t it? Anyway, I can’t seem to get off my beachy/summer kick, even though I’m not near an ocean (I think it’s about 6 hours away) nor am I one to visit the beach often. I guess SL will suffice for now. And it felt nice to pull out some old favorites, like this bikini top & board shorts from Reek.

52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Week 16: Bright Turquoise (more info)
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Skin: League – Jen (Suntan Natural – Cleavage D)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Shimmer Eyes (Blue)
Hair: Truth – Janice (Oasis)
Bikini Top: Reek – Province Bikini Tops (Floral Teal)
Shorts: Reek – Sovay Boardshorts (Teal/Green/Pink)
Bracelet: Surf Couture – Beach Pass Bracelett (Light Blue)
Surf Board/Poses: Provided by location
Location: Monkey Tail (Pelican Bay Surf Beach)

52 Weeks of Color – Seashell Peach

Just something simple for a very calm color. And if you haven’t already, join the Subscribo at Jane, as this dress is a free gift from Jane just for signing up!

52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Week 15: Seashell Peach (more info)
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Skin: League – Jen (Suntan Natural – Cleavage E)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Shimmer Eyes (Blue)
Hair: Maitreya – Nadja (Ash Blond)
Dress: Jane – Grace Dress (Khaki) -mesh- (Free Subscribo Gift!)
Shoes: Reek – Patteson Flip Flops (Orange)
Makeup: Filthy – Lashes 1, Fishy Strawberry – Allure Faded Lipstick (Brick)
Pose: Long Awkward Pose – M-No, Please PR4

Class Act

There’s a few standout mesh creators at the moment who are both, to me, mastering this shiny new (to SL) technology and managing to crank out something creative ‘n fresh for us consumers to drain our wallets on. aka This post is full of NEW NEW NEW. Insert giant smile emoticon. Aura has released a redux of an old favorite in mesh and in a plethora of patterns/colors for heels and flats. As a fan of the low rise, these are a big hit, as is coldLogic’s new mesh tanks, which don’t cut into my avatar at the shoulders like many others.

Skin: Belleza – Erika (Tan 1)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Shimmer Eyes (Blue)
Hair: Elikatira – Listen (Blond 10) -mesh-
Top: ColdLogic – Lauren (Peach) -mesh-
Pants: Aura – Class Act Pants (LH Red)
Shoes: Reek – Patteson Flip Flops (Orange)
Makeup: Fishy Strawberry – Allure Faded Lipstick (Brick)
Pose: PDA – Kettle Drum
Location: Hathian (Crack Den)

Oh, Holy Night

I’ve had this in my draft folder since the winter, and was totally oblivious that I hadn’t posted it yet. The dress itself is from the Vintage Fair, with a full range of colors available in the store, and I’m so tempted every time I stop in to buy them all. Perfect little sweater dresses. Leggings with boots has also been a trend I feel deep into over the winter months, though it’ll be soon time to put those deep my inventory – summer will be here before I even realize!

Skin: Belleza – Erika (Tan 1)
Eyes: Pididdle – Motion Sickness (True Blue)
Hair: Elikatira – Changes (Blonde 10)
Dress: Cynful – Vintage Comfy Dress (Tan)
Leggings: Kyoot – Hollander Leggings (Basil)
Shoes: Reek – Autumn Boots (Sienna)
Pose: PDA – For PC VIII
Location: Hathian

Can’t Drive

As much fun as it is to girl-out in clothes, I’m a bit less feminine at heart, so thus, we have a more tomboy look. Sadly, couldn’t find a post that didn’t mess up the text on the t-shirt, but it says “you’re just a virgin who can’t drive.” If you’ve seen that classic movie, Clueless, you know what I mean (clip below).

Skin: Belleza – Erika (Tan 1)
Eyes: Pididdle – Motion Sickness (True Blue)
Hair: – Nicole (Delighted Blonde)
Jacket: Reek – Laundry Day Hoodie (Red Plaid)
Shirt: [W]under – Clueless Tee
Pants: Entente – Deep Pocket Jean – Relaxed – Femme (Symphony)
Shoes: HOC Industries – Bolts II
Sunglasses: Hoorenbeek – Retro (Men)
Pose: JR – Waiting Bitch 1
Location: Virtual Decay

Ain’t No Snow

…Unless I come to SL, because I live now (& have for most of my last 27 years of life) in a place that winter doesn’t visit very often. Of course, my area has seen a small share of the winter chill, but it’s not lasting as long as I had hoped. Thankfully, many sims are all decked out in the frozen stuff, and when I’m idling, it’s there I’ll stand, just to get my sad little fix.

Skin: Belleza – Erika (Tan 1)
Eyes: Pididdle – Motion Sickness (True Blue)
Hair: – Dylan (Delighted Blond)
Shirt: – Dion Shirt (Leo)
Vest: Pivaaca – Cable Knitting Vest (Light Grey) (Seasons Hunt)
Pants: Maitreya Skinny Jeans (#04)
Shoes: Reek – Autumn Boots (Red)
Earmuffs: Artilleri – Knit earmuffs (Black)
Pose: Baffle! It’s coffee time #2 (worn) / Olive Juice – Winter Woes 6 (Seasons Gatcha Festival)
Location: The Nest

French Toast

Just a casual morning, & a cozy one at that. I had a different idea for today, but had a bit of trouble with location scouting, and will need to postpone it for later. The bowling shoes are from a previous FLF round (though I’m guessing still up in the store at regular price), & the shirt is available now at this month’s Collabor88!

Skin: Belleza – Erika (Tan 1)
Eyes: Pididdle – Motion Sickness (True Blue)
Hair: Elikatira – Break (Blonde 10)
Shirt: Tres Blah – C88 Graphic Tee (Merci) (January Collabor88)
Sweater: Reek – Papercut Cardigan (Navy)
Pants: Doppelganger – Worn Jeans (Vintage Blue)
Shoes: FIR & MNA – Bowlorama Shoes (Burgundy & Black) -mesh-
Glasses: Acid & Mala – Reader Glasses (Black)
Pose: Magnifique – Model Pose 26
Location: The Nest

Source Code

Named for my male counterpart, Jared Source, who was a good sport while I raced through about five different versions of my outfit, patiently waiting in his one version. Venus ‘n Mars, right? Coincidently, we’re both wearing pants from Ronsem, a store I found a few months ago through Harvest atĀ Gorean Geek, and while I usually wear ’em with flip flops, winter months demand a bit more cover, via some oldie but goodie combat boots from Abyss.

Skin: Belleza – Erika (Tan 1)
Eyes: Pididdle – Motion Sickness (True Blue)
Hair: – Dylan (Delighted Blond)
Sweater: Izzie’s – Winter Sweater (Grey)
Pants: Ronsem – Cargo 11 (Umber)
Shoes: The Abyss – NAU Combat Boots (Unisex)
Pose: Glitterati – Don’t Mention It
Location: Dead End

Skin: Belleza – Ashton (Pale 1 Hair)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Starburst Eyes (Green)
Hair: Drot – The Adam (Smoke)
Beard Tattoo Layer: Fruk – Face Fuzz (Heavy Stubble)
Tattoo Layer: Fruk – Guyliner & Night on the booze
Jacket: Scars – Short Jacket [Black]
Turtleneck: Mr Poet – Cape Coat TurtleNeck and KnitScarf
Glasses: Reek – Park Shades
Pants: Ronsem – Cargo Pants (Black)
Fingertape: SiniStyle – Taped Fist
Shoes: HOC Apparel – Hocs Lowtops (Classic)