Oh, hello! Where the hell have I been? Oi, busy. That’s where. And I have about 6 posts here ready for the viewing, so it’s high time I got back on track. One project involved this build right behind me, which I’ll have for sale shortly at my store, [HT] Hometown; a larger sized warehouse built for a roleplay sim, and pretty open for other uses, too!

During all this busy-ness, the shopping hasn’t stopped, much to my wallet’s dismay. I found a few new-to-me items that I couldn’t take off for days; one being this Veronica hair from Exile. My character in roleplay doesn’t have shorter hair, so this is purely for fun, but I love the tussled look of it. Then, there’s these p-er-fect Doc Marten replicas from J’s, a long time SL shoe staple. I suckered myself into two pairs.

Skin: League – Isla (Suntan Natural – Cleavage C)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Shimmer Eyes (Blue)
Hair: Exile – Veronica (Vanilla)
Top: Kyoot – Book Worm Top (Bed & Breakfast)
Coat: Zenith – Hoodie Sweater Coat (Choco)
Pants: Tres Blah – Juju Jeans (Original Wash)
Shoes: J’s – Short Boots (Dark Brown)
Scarf: Tres Blah – Autumn Scarf
Makeup: Filthy – Lashes 1
Pose: D.Luxx Poses – Against the Wall (F01)
Warehouse: [HT] Hometown – Harper Warehouse (coming soon)


Thankfully I now live in a place where you can actually feel the changing of the season, and it’s hit this week. Granted we’re not talking a dramatic change in weather, but since I get up so early for work in the morning (& wow, has work been busy), I’m awake to feel the humidity fade and the crisp cool air creep back in. ColdLogic is ready with a few new fall releases, including this Matta sweater shown above and an adorable sweater dress/jacket combo that is all over the blogs right now. Seriously, go grab yourself a Pumpkin Spiced Latte, come back to your computer, head over to ColdLogic, forget it’s possibly still scorching hot, & dive into Autumn.

Skin: League – Jen (Suntan Natural – Cleavage C)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Shimmer Eyes (Blue)
Hair: Lamb – Blue Velvet (Honeycomb) -mesh-
Top: ColdLogic – Matta (Brown) -mesh-
Pants: Kyoot – Etienne Capris (Rouge)
Shoes: Surf Couture – Boardwalkers (Hemp)
Makeup: Filthy – Lashes 1
Pose: PDA – Black Wave / Bad Vibrations
Location: Hathian

Birds All in a Row

Starting tomorrow, AMIRA is hosting a fun gatcha festival called Summer by the Sea! One of the vendors over there is gonna be Bounce This poses, where Bouncer Criss is putting out six different poses (one of them rare!) that include a finch to hold. It’s a perfect pose prop for single person shots, or shoot, they’re trans (no copy), so you can pass one to a friend, and pretend you’re all friends of the feathered kind.

Skin: League – Jen (Suntan Natural – Cleavage D)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Shimmer Eyes (Blue)
Hair: Elikatira – Abbey (Blonde 10) -mesh-
Top: Kyoot – Laced Autumn Crop Top (First Frost)
Skirt: UFO – On a Windy Day (Coral) -mesh-
Feet: Slink – Womens Natural Barefoot (Rigged) -mesh-
Makeup: Filthy – Lashes 1
Pose Set: Bounce This Poses – Birdy Pose (Summer by the Sea Gacha Festival)
Location: New Trails

Springtime Limited

I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling ready to just move on to summer after such a lackluster winter, given the items coming out from some of our favorite shops. These capris are a fresh release at coldLogic, as always in multiple colors (both springy and standards), & while the cuffs around my calves required some shape adjustment (or later, fixing the alpha), I couldn’t pass up that color. The bag, sunglasses, & top are all limited-time items. The tote you can find at [A] Limited until they run out (six different designs here), the top is from Kyoot as part of this cycle’s Stumblebum (which is up for only two more days!), and these adorable sunglasses are out at this month’s Collabor88, which has a French theme going on. Seriously cute items this month.

Finally, League released a new skin named Jen, and while I had Taylor a few years back, I ended up moving back to Belleza (my default for Peri) for a softer look on the face and breast area. Thankfully, Jen has about five different options for cleavage (enhanced & dehanced), & I think the skin overall is a bit softer then the other I had. I rarely change my default skin, usually sticking to one for a year or more, so I’m still getting settled with it. But I think this is a keeper.

Skin: League – Jen (Suntan Natural – Cleavage D)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Shimmer Eyes (Blue)
Hair: Elikatira – Theory (Blond 10)
Shirt: Kyoot – Lacey Little Top (white) (Stumblebum)
Pants: ColdLogic – May Capri (Watermelon) -mesh-
Shoes: Surf Couture – Desert Sandals
Feet: SLink – Womens Natural Barefeet Rigged -mesh-
Makeup: Fishy Strawberry РAllure Faded Lipstick (Brick)
Sunglasses: Yummy – Karina Glasses (White) (April Collabor88)
Bag: A Limited – Tote Bag (Snacks) (Limited Quantities!)
Pose: PDA – What Are We Craving?
Location: Fantasy Honeymoon Estates

District Sleeps Alone

If you’re looking for a sale, head over to Truth District, where a bunch of stores have items up to 50% off! Keep in mind you need to be in the Truth District Update Group to have access (250L join fee). I picked up another pair of the Gos Triumph boots (not pictured) cause I couldn’t help myself.

Skin: Belleza – Erika (Tan 1)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Shimmer Eyes (Blue)
Hair: Elikatira – Just (Blond 10)
Top: Kyoot – Antiqued Autumn (Cream)
Pants: Celoe – Dade Slacks (Kabul) -mesh-
Shoes: Ty Zvezda – Shuffle Flats (Brown)
Glasses: Acid & Mala – Reader Glasses (Black)
Makeup: Fishy Strawberry – Allure Faded Lipstick (Brick)
Pose: Exposeur – Top Model 2012 Intro (Kyle)

Oh, Holy Night

I’ve had this in my draft folder since the winter, and was totally oblivious that I hadn’t posted it yet. The dress itself is from the Vintage Fair, with a full range of colors available in the store, and I’m so tempted every time I stop in to buy them all. Perfect little sweater dresses. Leggings with boots has also been a trend I feel deep into over the winter months, though it’ll be soon time to put those deep my inventory – summer will be here before I even realize!

Skin: Belleza – Erika (Tan 1)
Eyes: Pididdle – Motion Sickness (True Blue)
Hair: Elikatira – Changes (Blonde 10)
Dress: Cynful – Vintage Comfy Dress (Tan)
Leggings: Kyoot – Hollander Leggings (Basil)
Shoes: Reek – Autumn Boots (Sienna)
Pose: PDA – For PC VIII
Location: Hathian

Let the Choir Sing

Skin: Belleza – Erika (Tan 1)
Eyes: Pididdle – Motion Sickness (True Blue)
Hair: Shag – Your Wish (Bombshell – modified)
Jacket: LooP – Clement Cardigan (Black)
Shirt: SC Surf Couture – I’m a Little Bit Country (Burnt Violet)
Skirt: Grixdale – Lazy Denim Skirt (Rust)
Leggings: Kyoot – Hollander Leggings (Black)
Shoes: Gos – Aviator Boots (Worn)
Makeup: Cheap Makeup – Light Shimmer (Dragonborn)
Earrings: Aura РBahiti Hoop Earrings (Autumn) -mesh-
Necklace: Glow – Necklace Lune (Lemon) (currently at The Dressing Room)
Pose: Magnifique – Model Pose 45
Location: Hathian (Crack Den)

Brown Sugar

My new computer has finally arrived, and while I’m still getting used to a few things (such as running on high with shadows, no lag), and running into new issues on ultra (shadows bork, depth of field goes wonky), I’m still very, very pleased.

Sadly, these pants are no longer available to my knowledge, but if you’re an old SL user with a knack for hoarding, you might still have some pants from Celestial Studios, which still quite frankly hold up. Added with both recent mesh boots & sweater, and tada: old ‘n new!

Skin: Belleza – Erika (Tan 1)
Eyes: Pididdle – Motion Sickness (True Blue)
Hair: Elikatira – Theory (Blond 10)
Sweater: Kyoot – Simple Cozy Sweater (Taupe)
Pants: Celestial Studios – Cords (Brown)
Shoes: Deco – Mesh Madison Boots (Chocolate)
Pose: Magnifique – Model Pose 48
Location: Hathian