Foul Play

A new round of Fluid began Jluy 15th, and while its a smaller group this time, the overall theme is right up my alley! Athletics (broken up into Cheerleading, Basketball, and Football/Soccer) brings you pose sets like Y’s Art & Poses’ “Love & Basketball”, which I’ve paired with one of the animations out of Motionless’  “Touchdown” set. Then, Art Dummy made a few mesh items to decorate a gym are with (or shoot, can use the sink/medicine cabinet/towel in your own bathroom!) that include animations within the sink.

You can see more shots using these poses/props and others over at The Ego Co., and be sure to check it out before this rotation ends on July 30th!

Muchos gracias to The Snoodle and Giles Chauveau for their patience & manproppin’!

On Peri:
Skin: League – Jen (Suntan Natural – Cleavage D)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Shimmer Eyes (Blue)
Hair: Elikatira – Balance (Blonde 10) (Hair Fair 2012) -mesh-
Tank: Atomic – Sheer Comfort (Pure)
Sweatpants: JP:dsg – Sweatpants (Black) -mesh-
Shoes: HOC Industries – Bolts II
Pose: Y’s Art & Poses – Love & Basketball (F) (Fluid Rotation 3)

On Giles:
Eyes: Mayfly – Liquid Light Eyes (Green Taurmaline)
Shirt: Kal Rau – V-Nec Mesh (Tinted Black) -mesh-
Shorts: NSD – Gaucho Pants (modified) -mesh-
Shoes: UBU – Porn Star Lo-Tops
Pose: Y’s Art & Poses – Love & Basketball (M) (Fluid Rotation 3)

On Snoodle:
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Real Mesh Eyes (Gray)
Hair: Discord Designs – Don (Light Blonde)
Hoody: N-Creation – Hoodie No 1 (Grey) -mesh-
Pants: Kapone – Jogging Pants (Grey) -mesh-
Neck: Balaclava – Emergency Flash necklace
Shoes: Redgrave – Miles Sneakers
Tattoo: Sleepy Bozer – Shibby Tattoo
Pose: Motionless – Crowd 001 (Fluid Rotation 3)

Medicine Cabinet, sink, towel: Art Dummy – Game Set (Fluid Rotation 3) -mesh-

52 Weeks of Color – Thistle, Pueblo, & Deep Pink

Who has two thumbs and is playing catch-up on this challenge? This girl! Because I need to be up in about 5 hours, I shall make this quick. The top in Thistle is from Atomic’s offering at the last Dressing Room Blue cycle (not out now, but a gorgeous skin is in it’s place), and the necklace is RezIpsa Loc’s offering for the very last Super Bargain Saturday! Very sad to see that Weekly sale end – it was run so well and always had great stores.

Secondly, a dive into my inventory found a sweater from one of my first favorite stores, looong time SL fashion staple Nyte ‘N Day, that fit perfectly with Pueblo. I meant to check, but I believe this is still out in an array of colors. Amazing what organizing can do.

Lastly, one VIP group that has always served us shoppers well is Aura’s, and a few changes have been made. Most notably, the percentage from sales in credit has gone up and all gifts are going to be moved to a convenient gift wall. Including this crazy pink strapless backless sexilious dress! The price of the group has gone up as well a bit, but this one is worth it. Really worth it. Tyr’ll treat you good, & with underboob.

52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Week 18: Thistle
52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Week 19: Pueblo
52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Week 20: Deep Pink (more info)
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Skin: League – Jen (Suntan Natural – Cleavage D)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Shimmer Eyes (Blue)
Hair: Shag – Your Wish (Bombshell)
Top: Atomic – Vital Top (Lavender) (Stumblebum Brigade)
Skirt: Mon Tissu – Oxford Pencil Skirt (Charcoal) -mesh-
Makeup: Filthy – Lashes2, Fishy Strawberry – Allure Lipstick (Faded Wine)
Necklace: RezIpsa Loc – Owly Necklace (Magenta) (Last Super Bargain Saturday)
Pose: Marukin – Filgree – Cartesier

Skin: League – Jen (Suntan Natural – Cleavage D)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Shimmer Eyes (Blue)
Hair: Lamb – Heart (Honeycomb)
Top: Nyte ‘n Day – Snug Sweater (Brown)
Pants: Izzie’s – Tweed Pants (Beige)
Makeup: Filthy – Lashes1
Pose: Magnifique – Bikini Model Pose 5

Deep Pink
Skin: League – Jen (Suntan Natural – Cleavage D)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Shimmer Eyes (Blue)
Hair: Lamb – Breeze (Lush)
Top: Aura – Racing Stripe Club Backless Mini’s (Pink) (Group Gift!)
Makeup: Filthy – Lashes1, Acid & Mala – Eyeshadow Duo (Teal & Blue Sea)
Pose: oOo Studio – Jubilant Four

52 Weeks of Color – Royal Purple

Be sure to pick up one of these cozy sweatshirts at [A] Limited (joint venture between Ivy Graves of Atomic/Illusory & Tyr Rozenblum of Aura) while you can. There’s a lot of color choices, but only 500 of each, and they won’t be released again! Opening April 6th at midnight (with cupcake hats, bags, tshirts, & skins, too!)

52 Weeks of Color Challenge – Week 14: Royal Purple (more info)
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Skin: Belleza – Erika (Tan 1)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Shimmer Eyes (Blue)
Hair: Elikatira – Blind 2 (Blond 10)
Sweater: [A] Limited – Teddy Bear Hoodie (Plum) -mesh- (Limited quantities!)
Shoes: Gos – Triumph Boots (Black) -mesh-
Pose: Love Sick – Shield Your Eyes

Shake That Ass

I’m very specific about my jeans. RL or SL, they need to fit and they need to look right as far as the texture. I’ve been pretty disappointed so far with the mesh jeans I’ve found, despite an obvious effort on the part of designers, and it’s mostly because.. ya lose the ass. In a world where you can be any shape, size, etc, its important not to lose those feminine curves when you want them. I saw these jeans posted over at Barbie Does SL (which is a great blog to bookmark), tried them on just for kicks, and behold.. junk in the trunk! The price is a little higher than others have charged so far, but they are equipped with a texture changing belt and a few accessories to show or hide. As a girl who’ll spend $100 on jeans in the real world that fit just right, I dare not resist. So, in case you missed them before on BDSL or another blog, here they are again.

Skin: Belleza – Erika (Tan 1)
Eyes: Pididdle – Motion Sickness (True Blue)
Hair: Elikatira – Me (Blond 10)
Tank: Atomic – Sheer Comfort (Pure)
Jeans: JP:dsg – Superior JNS* (Female, Denim) -mesh-
Shoes: SSB – Sculpty Sandals w/ toes
Makeup: Over the Moon – Evening Eyeshadow
Pose: Long Awkward Pose – RCD – Over Shoulder PR 4
Location: District 8 (Crack Den)

*Search under Jasper Potez


Another purchase from my hop on the Jane train gives me new hope in the future of mesh, especially in how it photographs. While some are big on raw images with little photoshop work, I’m rather big on making the clothes look best on my avatar. So, I liquify, I smudge, I patch.. but with mesh? I can just play around with the settings & have a grand ol’ time. I love it.

Skin: Belleza – Erika (Tan 1)
Eyes: Pididdle – Motion Sickness (True Blue)
Hair: Elikatira – Frost (Blond 10)
Sweater: Jane – Vneck Sweater (Ziggies Browns) -mesh-
Tank: Atomic – Sheer Comfort (Pure)
Pants: Aura – Worn but Loved, Low Rise Ed.(Dirt)
Shoes: LightStar – Fringe Boots (Brown)
Pose: Olive Juice – She Said 4 (January’s Collabor88)
Skybox: Turnip’s Homes & Stuff – Winter Skydome (50×50)