Hey Perina (formally Today or Tonight): a little project born out of Second Life and Boredom featuring fashion/photography/LOTD/fill-in-the-blank. Perina is a roleplayer in both urban & fantasy sims, sometimes a maker of stuff, and a human being. For now!

There’s no real theme, rhyme, or reason to what I post or the pictures I take. I pick clothes/shoes/etc. both from my inventory & from what I’ve bought recently. So, some items are going to be old, possibly unavailable now. But, hopefully that’s not often the case! I also go back ‘n forth with how much an image is edited in Photoshop, though suffice to say, I love playing around with it.

Unless otherwise stated, all shapes are my own, and are not for sale.

I used to run a small shop called [HT] Hometown, selling home & garden structures/items, and hope to return to it again once I finally buckled down and learn mesh! Check it out!

Disclaimer & Review Policy:

All posted items are purchased by me or are from group/hunt/gifts, unless noted otherwise (such as if I volunteer to cover an event). While review copies are very thoughtful, I’ve decided not to accept any for now outside of an event or store that I have volunteered for. I’ll feel obligated to post your item, and if it’s something not within my style, taste, or if I’m not feeling it at the moment, I’d rather just leave it aside. I also don’t want the regular added pressure of “must.blog.now.”; I help manage an active roleplay community, have my own RP, & my own real life to tend to, and blogging is not always very high. But, by all means, point me to your store via comment link on here, connect on flickr or plurk, or contact me inworld, Perina McGinnis.

As time goes on, and as I get more into a regular process of doing this, I might later change up my personal policy on this. But, we’ll see.