Fantasy Faire 2012 Preview IV – Fairy Pearls

Another vendor showcasing at Fantasy Faire 2012 on the Meanderville sim is Fairy Pearls, a store by Napolde Vella. She has quite a few items set up this year that cater to the petite/little me avatars, and well, I’ve been itching for one myself for awhile, and used this as an excuse to get myself one of the Plastik petite avatars, as well!

In her Relay For Life vendors, you’ll find this fatpack of the Enchanted wings in five different colors: blue, gold, rose (shown below), green, and red (not shown), and they easily attach to the back of your Little Me or Petite avatar. You’ll also be able to buy a unique low-prim Meditation Bottle with a hidden sit pose for your tiny self to meditate while hanging from a tree, inside a home, or anywhere else for that matter!

Fairy Pearls also has a bunch of other items available for purchase, such as clothing, accessories, and home and garden items. This includes of course the Enchanted Lovers Swing (which comes with both a couple animation and a single animation) and an adorable house with five different sit animations inside (three in the pillow of the bench, one single pose in the bed, and one in front of the vanity mirror), both shown below.

All items are available over on the Meanderville sim until April 29th (along with the rest of the Faire) so be sure to head over before it’s too late!

Picture 1:
Wings: Fairy Pearls – Little Me & Petite “Enchanted” Fatpack (Blue, Gold, Rose)* (RFL item at Fantasy Faire 2012)

Picture 2:
Item: Fairy Pearls – Little Me & Petite “Meditation Bottle”* (3 prims) (RFL item at Fantasy Faire 2012)

Picture 3:
Swing & Garden Fairy Pearls – Little Me “Enchanted Lovers Swing”* (26 prims)
Wagon: Fairy Pearls – Little Barrel Wagon* (5 prims)

Picture 4/5:
Home: Fairy Pearls – Little Manor* (21 prims)

Full body/shape/eyes: Plastik – Petite Mesh Avatar (Amalthea) (RFL versions of item at Fantasy Faire 2012)
Hair: Wasabi Pills – Amandine Petite Mesh Hair (Storm)

*denotes promotional item

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