Fantasy Faire 2012 Preview II – The Elegant Goth

Another vendor participating this year in the Fantasy Faire 2012 on the Meanderville sim is the Elegant Goth. Created by Deja Letov, this store features many quality made home items to fit any gothic styled room, and below are two sets that are available in the Relay For Life vendors this year.

The first, a red and black dining set, includes sit animations for each chair, run by a menu’d pop up that allows you to select which chair you’d like.

Also available is this bedroom set that, I’ll admit, blew me away a bit. I love the texturing & the tones of the bed and the fireplace, and the wardrobe is just the right kind of creepy. The bed also comes with multiple PG & XXX animations.

Picture 1:
Table & Chairs: The Elegant Goth – Gothic Dining Tabe (Red & Black)* (44 prims)
Candelabra: The Elegant Goth – Gothic Silver Candelabra* (8 prims)
Rug: The Elegant Goth – Gothic Rug Style 8* (1 prim)

Picture 2:
Bed: The Elegant Goth – Dorian Gothic Bed* (36 prims)
Fireplace: The Elegant Goth – Dorian Gothic Fireplace* (39 prims)
Wardrobe: The Elegant Goth – Dorian Hanging Wardrobe* (19 prims)
Rug: The Elegant Goth – Dorian Gothic Rug* (1 prim)

*denotes a promotional item

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