A Lesson in Good Marketing

Entente is a new store that just opened up last night officially at midnight as a collaboration of a few anonymous designers. Nothing unorthodox about that, we’ve seen it before (Armidi), and it’s worked out pretty well. But something different with this store than I’ve seen with other product launches has me just beyond impressed. Perhaps they already knew from their own brands how to put out feelers, and they certainly did, with teaser pictures on Flickr, pasted to Plurk.. being a mainly men’s store (for now, at least) would’ve been enough to get folks noticing, but the anticipation was palpable. People were excited for this new store.

Thank god it’s living up to the hype, cause while there’s a few items I’m so-so about, I’m also in love with these chinos. Bought two pairs, tempting myself with two more. It’s bad bad on my tight budget. Luckily, the pricing is very nice (between $100-350L for clothing/accessories), and the quality is there. Even this shirt, which has some distortion in certain poses, is clearly hand drawn with a good amount of effort.. and I’ve already bought two.

For the guys: you need to see it. Trust me.

My partner in crime here is Ms. Harvest Shipley, a longtime friend from the Crack Den who runs the blog Gorean Geek, which I’ve been following about as long as she’s been doing it (over a year now, with tons of posts!) She’s got a knack for pulling outfits together, both Gorean and not, using items that are Gorean and not, so it’s well worth checking out and following. Plus, the woman’s a workhorse, she updates so much!

Check out Harv’s post and style credits here!

Skin: Belleza – Erika (Tan 1)
Eyes: Pididdle – Motion Sickness (True Blue)
Hair: Elikatira – Me (Blonde 10)
Shirt: Entente – Saile Tee – Femme (Antique & Navy)
Pants: Entente – Classic Chinos – Femme (Green)
Shoes: FIR & MNA – Wavie Shoes
Scarf: Entente – Depp Snood (Salmon)  -mesh-
Makeup: Cheap Makeup – Light Shimmer Ghost

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