Veggin’ Out

Skin: Belleza – Erika (Tan 1)
Eyes: PIDIDDLE – Motion Sickness (True Blue)
Hair: Maitreya – Nadja (Ash Blond)
Shirt: Arnadi – Long Tshirt (Sweet Suzy Girl)
Pants: BOOM – Sweatpants (gray) (Lazy Sunday)
Slippers: FIR & MNA – Shuffle Slippers (Beige) (FLF)
Location: Peri’s IC Home

Parents are in town for a visit, and I know while they’re gonna wanna go out to see a few landmarks/touristy spots, I’m gonna wish I was veggin’ out on the sofa watching Breaking Bad. Cause I’m addicted to it. I shall live this dream through Peri in-character, even though she’s supposed to be ‘out of town’.

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