School Spirit

Skin: AtomicBambi – Lana – Sunblush (Pure 2)
Eyes: InSight – Multi Green Eyes
Hair: Elikatira – Theory (Brown 9)
Sweatshirt: Accio Etcetera! – School Hoodie (F-Gryphon)
Jeans: Bellies – Kids Rough Denim
Shoes: Action – Unisex Rockstars Low Tops (Black Chex)
Scarf: Claven’s Wands & Supplies – Gryffin Neckwarmer (Uni)
Glasses: Epic – Kyoot Nerdy Glasses (Black)
Armwarmers: BOOM – Armwarmers (House of the Lion)
Shoulder: Ohmai Emporium – Pygmy Puff (the Lions)
Pennant: Doppelganger – Quidditch Pennant
Location: Accio, H:YS Quidditch Pitch

One of the roleplay sims I’m active in is based on Harry Potter, which makes me quite dork, I know, but having something different has been awesome. The staff’s great, all the characters I’ve come across so far have been unique & fun, the build is AMAZING. So, for Quidditch, they’re using an actual scripted game system, which means I mostly just watched and enjoyed, yet still yielded an opportunity to break out regular clothes instead uniforms & robes all the time (which I’ll post some other time!) Once word got around about this place, the creators just poured in clothing & items, & my wallet has been crying ever since.

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